The path of Royal Asscher honored for
its history and achievements


Royal Asscher was founded in Amsterdam, The Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1854. It has built a solid foundation as a prestigious jeweler of diamonds. Royal Asscher’s diamond, which emits a white noble shine, from its inception to the present, has been receiving praise from all over the world.




A prestigious diamond jeweler with the title of “Royal”

Royal Asscher was founded in Amsterdam, the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1854. The company has achieved several historic achievements, including the cutting of 3,106 ct rough diamonds "The Cullinan", which is the largest the world has ever seen and the development of innovative diamond cutting. For many years of achievement and trust, Royal Asscher was awarded the title of “Royal” by the Dutch Royal Family twice - in 1980 and in 2011. It means that it has become the pinnacle of the diamond industry, and from that very moment it has been praised from around the world as a prestigious diamond jeweler.




Guest list that tells legendary history

Amsterdam is known as the “City of Diamonds” where the distribution of diamonds has been flourishing since the 18th century. Royal Asscher was founded in Amsterdam and known to be a place where many VIPs across the globe visit. The guest list called “The Golden Book” is carefully kept as proof of its glorious history. Many of the world’s Royal families and leaders have signed in the Golden Book. It is a brilliant record of the history of Royal Asscher.



Passion for diamonds and inherited jewelries

Since its inception, Royal Asscher has spent more than a century of continuous research and development to derive the maximum brilliance of diamonds. The "Asscher Cut" and "Trilliant Cut" which are often found in general jewelry were developed by Royal Asscher. The belief of a “diamond specialist” who cuts and polishes precious rough diamonds and shines as the one and only jewelry, follows the history of diamonds and repaints history.




Commitment to creating unrivaled cut

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    Royal Asscher
    Brilliant Cut
  • Royal Asscher Cut

    Developed by Joseph Asscher in 1902, “Asscher Cut" is known as the unique "square cut,” a model cut which other jewelers follow today. After its development, research and improvement were repeated based on the belief that the maximum shine of diamonds was derived, and the "Royal Asscher Cut" which was newly developed in 2000 has an elegant and transparent shine which is the feature of step cut. In addition, the total amount of light coming back was designed to be even greater. “The Cullinan I ”and “The Cullinan II” both symbolize the legend of the brand, the “Royal Asscher Cut,” which has the same number as the “The Cullinan I” and “The Cullinan II” and a total of 74 facets, have a strong brilliance and fine light beauty, the sharp form is characteristic, and it becomes an original cut which only Royal Asscher can create.

  • Royal Asscher Brilliant Cut

    In 2013, fifth-generation Edward Asscher and sixth-generation Mike Asscher started to research brilliant round cuts. From the traditional 58 facet round brilliant cut to add 16 new facets close to the girdle, Royal Asscher created enormous brilliance and more scintillation near the girdle in 2015. As related to The CullinanⅠand Ⅱ, determination for 74 facets bring new radiance of diamond jewelry which combines traditional elegance with modern, beautiful harmony.



Bonds of a diamond from the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Royal Asscher" has been nurtured by one family since its inception. The Dutch diamond jeweler, who is now inherited by fifth generation Edward Asscher, sixth generation son Mike Asscher and daughter Lita Asscher, continues to celebrate its prestigious history. The long-standing time of the Asscher family, who has been passionate about the glow of diamonds, is the story of "bonds" that we must tell. The infinite waves of light and the miraculous white and noble glow reflect the clan's thoughts that the predecessors have built, "Do not extinguish the flame.

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